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  • General

    • Fiberglass Epoxy Pipe (GRE), Tubing, Casing and Well Screens

    • Epoxy Fiberglass Custom Tubular Products


    • Operating pressures to 3500 PSI in hostile corrosive environment.
    • Tubing and casing with deep hole capabilities of more than 10,000 feet.
    • Fast, reliable, make-up. Industry standard and premium end connectors available.
    • Flow characteristics 1–1/2 times better than steel.
    • Provides for low solids build-up and low pressure drop.
    • At 1/4 the weight of steel, handling and installation costs are reduced substantially.


    • Flow lines
    • Chemical disposal lines
    • Injection lines
    • Gas gathering and transport lines
    • Water processing
    • Solution mining lines
    • Recirculating lines
    • Production oil wells
    • Injection wells
    • Chemical disposal wells
    • Water wells
    • Solution mining wells
    • Mine acid lines


    • API 15 HR and 15 LR monogrammed pipe available
    • About 1/4 the weight of steel
    • Assemble in any weather
    • Superior flow characteristics
    • Low paraffin and scale build-up
    • Excellent corrosion resistance and long service life
    • Exceptional pressure and axial load capabilities
    • Low installation costs

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    Line Pipe

    Bell x Spigot Fiberglass Epoxy GRE Line Pipe

    CEN Fiberglass Epoxy GRE Line Pipe

    - CEN/CBS Velocity & Pressure Loss Charts
    SP Series Fiberglass Epoxy Integral Joint High Pressure Line Pipe

    - SP/SP8 Velocity & Pressure Loss Charts

    SP8 Series Fiberglass Epoxy Integral Joint Surface Pipe

    SPH Series Fiberglass Epoxy Integral Joint Surface Pipe

    - SPH Velocity & Pressure Loss Charts
    - Fitting Flow Data

    Pronto Lock II Bondstrand Heavey-Duty Mechanical Coupling System

    - Heavy-Duty Mechanical Coupling System
    - Bondstrand Fiberglass Pipe & Fittings
    Series 3400 Fiberglass Pipe & Fittings Product Data

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    Well Screens

    Fiberglass Epoxy GRE Well Screens
    • Single Sreens - Model DHS Series
    • Pre-Packed Well Screens - Model DHSPP
    • Flush Joint - Model DHSFJ Series
    • Configurations
    • Re-Entry Vertical
    • Typical Flush Joint Installation
    • Re-Entry Horizontal

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    Downhole Tubing

    Fiberglass GRE Integral Joint Tubing
    • Consideraciones Generales de Uso
    • Datos Generales de Ingenieria
    • Tablas Tension / Depth vs. Stretch
    • Tabla Peso de Liquidos

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    Fiberglass Epoxy Intergal Joint Casing

    Centron®filament-wound fibra de vidrio / epoxi carcasa está disponible en seis tamaños básicos de 41/2 a 103/4. Centron sólo utiliza las mejores materias primas de calidad combinados con modernas técnicas de fabricación para producir los más altos tubulares compuestas calidad disponible. Sistema de calidad de Centron está certificado para especificación de API Q1 e ISO 9001, asegurando los clientes de d e productos de alta calidad en la industria.

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    Physical Specifications

    • SP/SP8/SPH Series
    • CEN Series
    • CEN Pipe Flange Specifications
    • High Pressure Line Pipe Flange Specifications
    • Repair Joint
    • Flanged Lateral Tee Connection

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    Datos Tecnicos

    Technical Data

    • O-Ring Size Guide
    • O-Ring Selector Basic Compound Guide for the Petroluem Industry
    • Fiberglass Tubulars Selected Chemical Resistance Chart

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    Technical Data
    • Assembly of Threaded Fiberglass Tubulars
    • Centron Multiple Seal Joints - SP/SPH/DH
    • Tools & Torque/Position
    • Repairs & New Lateral Tie-Ins
    • Cold Weather Installation of Fiberglass Tubulars
    • Specific Installation of Fiberglass Tubulars

    - CEN/Pronto-Lock III pipe
    - SP/SP8/SPH Series
    - Downhole Tubing

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    • Fiberglass Pipe Handling & Storage Procedure
    • Export Shipping Container Quantities
    • Pipe Marking

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